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Mikrotik | Manual | Rolling PCC | (2015)

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We are assuming that the local interface will ether 5

it is understood that there are two Internet lines that are dialing in pppoe-out1 and interfaces pppoe-out2
and all traffic unmarked in those virtual interfaces would actually ether1 and physical ether2
the mark with the label that will recognize only mikrotik but not outside of it with ISP1_conn and ISP2_conn.

It is understood that all incoming traffic in ether five unmarked but that is different from the local address such local or winbox petciones DNS and besides they take 50% of the traffic and mark it as well as ISP2_conn ISP1_conn.

Finally all traffic with the mark ISP1_conn coming from the ether5 necessarily Routealo branded to_ISP2 to_ISP1 well as this being vera / ip route

the latter marks are simply when traffic is checked when entering the mikrotik is done in the first lines of this explanation here as the returns on the line itself to which a clear example are belong when entering the winbox IP remotely published if is entered by a line is assumed that should also leave through the same line as these lines make this miracle

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