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Mikrotik | Manual | Rolling PCC | 4 WAN | (2015)

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In this example I have used MikrotikT RB750 5 ports router. 4 ports were connected with Four DSL Routers, and 5th port was connected with User LAN. In this particual screenshots example, all DSL lines have un-equal speed. Also don’t forget to rename the interface names accordingly.
In my personnel experience , If users request are directly hitting Mikrotik configured with PCC , then you will get good load balancing. Use src-address as classifier, this way you will get rid of problems like https/broken link, streaming issues etc. Load balancing using this PCC technique (src-address) will be effective and balanced approach when more and more connections (from clients) that occurred.
I also recommend to use SQUID proxy server along with mikrotik , for better response time and it will also increase good browsing experience to users.
If somehow you are not satisfied with the src-address approach,play with the PCC Classifier, Try both addresses and ports as the classifier. While this will randomize things the most and in theory give you the most fair allocation of bandwidth, BUT there is also a good chance that it will break certain things like banking web sites and some forums. This is because often times a HTTP requests will generate several connections, so there is a chance that some requests may go out a different route than the initial one, and that will break secure web sites. For that reason I usually like to go with src-address PCC load balancing approach (but only if users are hitting the pcc box)

Result of this script is as follows on screenshots
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Now Configure DNS server so users can resolve hostnames,

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All Done ! Now Test the link by putting user load, the more multiple users load you put on it, the better Load Balance result you will get 


If you have Un-Equal WAN Links, for example WAN,1,2,3 are of 4MB and WAN,4 is of 8 Mb, and you want to force MT to use WAN4 link more then other because of its capacity, Then you have to Add more PCC rules assigning the same two marks to a specific link i.e WAN4 , something like

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Try defining the outbound interface.
For example replace this.

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Replace the eth1-ISP with your own wan interface name , use the notation % for sure.
If it works 

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