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MIKROTIK RouterOS | Manual | CACHE FULL | VERSION 6X | (2015)

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I'll try to remake the issue so that we can understand, including the whys cache complete change from previous versions compared to version 6.x To understand, the main change in the cache of the full version 6x is because the flow packet is different. The tree line are processed before the tail type, even if a parameter set to full cache tail tree when the tail type is loaded after the tree line, the actual values will be the type queue. To perform below in 6x version should If these steps:

1 - Crear una regla en la tabla mangle Mikrotik

PHP:copy Code

Creating a queue type

3 - Create a simple tail

PHP: copy Code

4 - The Colas Hotspot, in version 6 x Mikrotik always inserted before others, that is, by default only the creation of the above steps do not work satisfactorily Hotspot. To solve the problem, we must change the User Profiles Hotspot the following option: 

Then release the Hotspot customers that your return will be just below the simple tail entire cache. PPPoE users do not have to do anything, since by default the PPPoE queues and automatically inserted below. But if a wise man, is how would the change in PPPoE:

An interesting note: For those using version 6.2 RouterOS line options are really not available, then the most obvious way is to step through the writing and programming. If necessary, replace Step 4 above for:

4 - Especially when there HOTSPOT never done manually queue they are prioritized, and in our case, we need the single tail entire cache always be first. So there is a need to create and agendarmos a script for that function. If using PPPoE is no need to create the script:

PHP: copy Code

PHP: copy Code

Want to make the adjustment in the simplest way (without hyphen), I suggest you upgrade your RB to the latest regional offices

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